AI for Good

Date: Saturday, February 20th, 2021  at 1 pm


Egypt’s leaders have long identified the importance of AI in driving the progress of our country.

In this webinar, Dell technologies is hosting Dr. Golestan Radwan from MCIT to discuss Egypt’s AI Strategy and contribution in the developmental sectors in such as agriculture and tourism.

Speaker Name: Dr. Golestan Radwan

Title: Advisor to the Minister for AI  at the MCIT

Speaker Bio:

Radwan possesses over 17 years of experience in technology areas, with international experience in AI, cloud computing, engineering management, strategic planning and product management.

Prior to her appointment at MCIT, Radwan held several executive positions. She served as Director of AI Products Unit at London-based health tech startup Babylon Health, where she led the AI product portfolio, leading a team of doctors, engineers, and AI scientists and designers to create an intelligent mobile platform for medical diagnosis, predictive health and chronic disease management.

Watch the Webinar Recording